Can You Mix Wine And Vodka? How to Do It Properly

Wine and vodka: do these two drinks have anything in common besides alcohol? Not much, honestly, and if you’re interested in mixing them, you can’t do it indiscriminately.

Let’s be honest and share some straight talk for you: mixing wine and vodka by throwing them together in a glass without careful preparation will taste awful and leave you with a terrible hangover. The trick is to add some fruity flavors and make it a cocktail.

Thankfully, we’re here to help you get this situation right! We can help you avoid some standard wine and vodka mixing mistakes and give you three recipes that should make this mix a lot easier.

So, while it’s not always a wise choice to mix two alcohol types on the same day, you can create tasty drinks from vodka and wine that won’t cause you any major regret the next day.

Can you mix wine and alcohol together: Red wine and vodka cocktail done right

Don’t Make These Mistakes: Mixing Wine And Vodka Together

Mixing vodka and wine properly requires a careful approach and an understanding of various additives. In addition, you have to add some fruity flavors to your drink to make it blend properly. Otherwise, you will get a sharp and sour taste that doesn’t work well.

In other words, you’re going to have to work to create a vodka and wine drink that you’ll enjoy.

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Mistake 1: Mixing at a 1-to-1 Ratio With No Mixers

The biggest mistake that most people make when trying to blend these drinks is pouring them into a glass at an equal ratio and calling it a day.

We promise you this: if you follow this approach, you will throw your mix away and never try vodka and wine together again. These liquors don’t blend well in a 1-to-1 ratio, meaning you need to take some time blending them.

Mistake 2: Adding Low-Quality Mixers

Other people even try mixing low-quality mixers, like energy drinks or colas, into their wine and vodka mix. If you’re looking to get drunk fast, this option works well because you should find it easier to drink a lot of booze before you’re done.

However, you’re not going to enjoy the taste at all. This approach is typically something you see binge-drinking college students try in desperation.

Mistake 3: Not Adding Fruity Mixers

We get that some people may not like fruity mixers, like lemon or lime juices and even blended blueberries and raspberries, in their drinks.

However, you need these items to help balance the rather sharp combination of vodka and wine. They help these two very different liquors blend more harmoniously and can create some surprisingly good drinks when done right.

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How To Mix Wine And Vodka Together Properly

Red wine with vodka and white wine with vodka

The only way to blend wine and vodka is to add other ingredients that help accentuate different tastes and aromas in these two drinks.

You typically have to add things like fruits and softening ingredients, like various sodas and juices, that help your drinks blend properly.

We’ll highlight a recipe for vodka mixed with either white, red, or rosé wines in the next few sections.

After that, we’ll include detailed ingredient lists that will make it simpler to shop for your next drinking experience.

Each recipe will also include step-by-step instructions that will make this process easier.

A good vodka and wine mix is typically an excellent option for various parties and summer days, so keep that in mind when mixing.

How To Mix Vodka And White Wine

White wine and vodka mixed together

Vodka and white wine probably mix better than other combinations because whites often have lighter and less overpowering flavor profiles.

They also tend to blend well with flavoring ingredients to produce a high-quality liquor that should go well with a nice summer day or at your next New Year’s Eve party.

Let’s break down this recipe to help you make a delicious drink:

Ingredients You Need

When buying ingredients for this drink, you need to select carefully to get the best results. For example, you need great vodka and high-quality white wine to improve your drink quality.

That purchasing decision is different than the other drinks here, as they can do well without high-quality liquors. You’ll need a handful of ingredients to make this drink, including:

  • A High-Quality Vodka
  • Your Favorite White Wine
  • Low-Pulp Lemonade
  • Fresh Ginger
  • Three Sliced and Diced Granny Smith Apples
  • Ice Cubes

Also, make sure you have a large punch bowl, serving glasses (for guests and yourself), and any garnishes you may want for the drink. These garnishes typically go on the side of the serving glass and add a little fruit flavor to your drinks.

Limes and lemons should go well with most vodka and white wine drinks. Also, make sure you have a knife for cutting and pairing these ingredients, mainly as you’ll be removing seeds from the fruits when necessary.


Pour your vodka and wine into the bowl, mixing them at a 2-to-1 ratio of white wine to vodka. When blending a large volume, pour 750 ml of vodka and 1,500 ml of white wine.

Thankfully, most white wine comes in 750 ml, meaning you can pour two into your punch bowl. Then, add one-half gallon of your low-pulp lemonade into the bowl.

Remove any seeds from the apples, blend them into a liquid, and pour them into the bowl.

Add several scoops of ice to chill before serving with garnish.

Pour into tall white wine glasses with a narrow opening for the best result.

How To Mix Vodka And Red Wine

Red wine and vodka mixed together

Vodka and red wine may not seem like a really obvious choice at first, and that’s understandable: there’s a lot that can go wrong if you’re not careful here.

Thankfully, you can create some surprisingly great drinks with these two liquors, as long as you know what you’re doing.

Follow the recipe below to make a rich vodka and red wine drink that works well for casual drinking situations.

Ingredients You Need

When shopping for your ingredients, it is essential to pick up a few things that help the contrasting tastes of red wine and vodka blend together more efficiently.

Thankfully, there are surprisingly minimal ingredients that you need to buy for this recipe. In this way, it might be a more straightforward recipe to prepare than the white wine option, though that depends on your taste.

They include:

  • A Medium-Bodied Red Wine
  • Your Favorite Vodka
  • Carbonated Raspberry Soda
  • 250 ml of Smooth Lime Juice
  • Three Cups of Cleaned Blueberries

You may also purchase a lemon for garnish (limes may also work, depending on your taste) and a large punch bowl where you can blend these ingredients and stir them together.

The serving glasses you choose should be suited for red wines, which are typically shorter and broader glasses with a more expansive bowl that helps your drink oxygenate a little.


Pour 750 ml of red wine into your punch bowl and 125 ml of vodka. You blend them at this ratio because the vodka tends to clash with the red wine when mixed any higher.

Next, add 250 ml of your raspberry soda and 250 ml lime juice to the mix and blend your blueberries into a fine liquid. You may also combine your soda or lime juice with your berries to streamline this process.

Pour the blueberry mix into the bowl and stir.

Serve at room temperature to suit the red wine.

Red wine glasses work perfectly here because they’re broad, short, and make serving your mix much easier.

How To Mix Vodka And Rosé Wine

Rose wine and vodka mixed together

Rose wine and vodka go together surprisingly well when you mix them properly, especially if you choose the ingredients on this list.

Our recipe will create a rich Rose Sangria that goes well during spring and summer days.

Most of the drinks here are best for summer nights, though you can also mix them for Winter and Fall if you want a rich and nostalgic drink.

We think it works well as a party drink because the Rose will be more straightforward for many people to enjoy.

Ingredients You Need

This sangria includes a few more ingredients than our other two drinks and produces a more complex and rich flavor than the other recipes. Some people may be overwhelmed by this taste, while others will fall in love with it.

Note that you don’t necessarily need to buy the highest-priced wines for this recipe because the other ingredients add plenty of flavors.

Buy these ingredients to get started:

  • A Light Rose Wine
  • Fine Vodka
  • Fruit Simple Syrup
  • One Cup Strawberries
  • One Cup Blackberries
  • One Cup Cherries
  • Three Fluid Ounces of Lemon Juice
  • Sparkling Water

Like the other recipes we’ve discussed here, you need a large punch bowl and serving glasses after finishing this wine.

You can add ice to the serving glasses when you’re done to add a slight chill to the drink.

Some people may prefer it served at room temperature, though, so place an ice bucket near your drinks so that people can choose for themselves.

Pick Rose wine glasses with a broader mouth to help your drink breathe a little while serving.


Pour 750 ml of Rose wine into your punch bowl and add about 250 ml of vodka. You can mix at a higher level here because the Rose wine’s taste shouldn’t get too overpowered by the vodka.

Blend your strawberries, blackberries, and cherries with 250 ml of lemon juice as a base.

Pour this blend into the punch bowl and add a bottle of sparkling water to add carbonation.

Flavor with the simple syrup to your taste before serving.

Like red wine, provide an ice bucket and tongs for guests.

Use Rose-style wine glasses to ensure your guests get the best flavor experience.

Is Mixing Wine And Vodka Bad For You?

Well, drinking two types of alcohol on the same day is often a mistake because it can cause indigestion and quick intoxication that may lead to hangovers.

For example, drinking wine and then moving on to vodka on the same day will be a rough trip and always cause trouble.

However, mixing them in the proper proportion in the same drink should avoid these problems.

Always drink responsibly and stick close to your daily recommended servings of alcohol to prevent sickness.

Make sure you also talk to your doctor about your alcohol consumption and your specific health needs regularly to stay safe.

In Summary

We do not recommend mixing wine and vodka together if you simply have a bottle of each. They do not blend well together and the taste is not pleasant.

If you would like to mix wine and vodka together the right way to do it is by adding key ingredients like fruit, mixers and juices. These extra ingredients are vital in producing a cocktail or punch that is tasty and enjoyable.

Emma Miller