The 11 Best Wineries to Visit in Maryland

Over the years, Maryland has started becoming a popular tourist destination for many people. Its amazingly beautiful landscape, fantastic seafood, and the cultural interest of Baltimore have made it a fascinating and enjoyable destination for many people.

However, did you know that wine is becoming a big business here? This fact is exciting, and it’s something I embrace wholeheartedly.

Here is what you need to know about wineries in Maryland, including 11 very high-quality options.

The 11 Best Wineries to Visit in Maryland

Where’s Maryland?

Maryland is an East-Coast state located just on the boundaries of New England.

This state’s agriculture provides many unique business opportunities, though its seafood is probably nearly as popular as that of its nearby state, Massachusetts.

In addition, visitors here are quickly finding Maryland offers many great wine types.

That’s because the state has started focusing heavily on expanding its viticulture (wine-growing) market to compete with New York and other nearby states.

In addition, though Maryland has milder weather than New York, it still experiences some reasonably cold temperatures throughout the winter. That shorter growing season produces grapes with a slightly more acidic and less sweet flavor.

Fans of drier or bitter wines flock to this area and other New England states (Maine and Connecticut) for this very reason. And wineries in Maryland take advantage of this fact to make some fairly popular wine options.

Maryland’s unique climate and topography lets growers produce 36 different grape varieties throughout the state! These grapes help make a surprising array of popular wines, including:

  • Chardonnay
  • Cabernet Franc
  • Norton
  • Petite Verdot
  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Chambourcin
  • Montepulciano
  • Sangiovese
  • Vidal
  • Pinot Gris
  • Merlot

This expanding array of different wine options has made Maryland a surprisingly popular place for many wine fans.

Perhaps that’s why dozens of wineries exist throughout the state!

11 of The Best Wineries in Maryland

When deciding on the best 11 wineries to highlight in Maryland, I focused on wine quality, food options, comfort, amenities, and staff friendliness.

In addition, I tried multiple wines from each winery and read reviews and photos of each winery to get a feel for what they offer. Here’s what you can expect when you visit any of these fun and engaging wineries in Maryland!

Map of The Best Wineries in Maryland

1. Big Cork Vineyards

  • Website: Big Cork Vineyards
  • Phone Number: 301-302-8032
  • Address: 4236 Main St, Rohrersville, MD 21779

Big Cork Vineyards is the kind of place you dream of visiting whenever you try out a new winery.

It includes a broad array of different wines, including many that have won several significant awards.

The vineyard’s expansive growing fields enhance this quality. With so many grapes to choose from when creating wine, it is relatively easy to produce high-quality options that you will love.

Big Cork Vineyards includes unique things like their Big Wine Experience for up to six people. You’ll taste six different wines and enjoy various cheese pairings that go well with each wine.

These events are surprisingly affordable, and the wines themselves don’t cost as much as you’d expect per bottle.

Combine that with a beautiful outdoor view and a comfortable patio, and you’ve got one great winery.

As for their wines, I found that their Muscat Rose is one of the tastiest I’ve ever tried. It typically has floral aromas and watermelon and cherry flavorings.

However, all the varietals I tried were particularly great!

One unique offering they provide is the Russian Kiss, which combines three Russian varietals into one tasty wine. I also strongly recommend Merlot and Malbec for red wine fans.

Amenities you may experience include:

  • Areas for private events and outdoor weddings
  • High-quality vineyard tours that will educate you
  • Great live music from local and national bands

2. Linganore Winecellars

  • Website: Linganore Winecellars
  • Phone Number: 301-831-5889
  • Address: 13601 Glissans Mill Rd, Mt Airy, MD 21771

I can’t emphasize enough just how beautiful Maryland is and how much this impacts your winery enjoyment. Simply put, places like Linganore Winecellars provide an almost staggeringly beautiful place to visit.

Of course, you could just sit on the patio and drink soda all day and have a great time. However, this winery also goes above and beyond by providing some of the best wines in the state.

One thing I noted about this winery was its unique array of hosting options. They include private tasting rooms, reserved tastings, outdoor fire pits, and even a large event venue you can rent.

The Abisso Banquet Hall is probably their most significant, as it can hold up to 165 guests. Here, you can enjoy wine, serve meals, or simply try out cheese and charcuterie boards for your wine.

All of these benefits make this a fantastic destination, even if you’re relatively new to wine.

Reviewers have stated that the workers here are amicable and ready to assist you at any time. In this way, you can choose a wine based on your previous experiences and get great results.

Other amenities you can experience include:

  • Fun and unforgettable vineyard tours
  • Free cheese trays during each tour
  • Private gathering options for many party sizes

3. Black Ankle Vineyards

Black Ankle Vineyard is one of many wineries in the area that produces wines and grows their grapes right on their premises.

This choice helps cut down on overhead and delivers a consistent wine quality that you’ll notice when you visit here.

However, you might be surprised to know that this winery also uses sustainable practices that cut back on waste and other issues.

They also support youth opportunities and growth through their Project Rescate foundation. This group works to provide youths in Mexico with the chance to get away from gangs and live a happy life.

Beyond their social and environmental focuses, Black Ankle Vineyards also includes fantastic wines you can pair with cheese, crackers, meats, nuts, and olives.

You can even bring outside food and have a picnic!

As for their wines, I loved the Terra Dulce VI but found just about everything was worth a try.

You should get some pretty rich and fruity flavors and undertones with their wines, including dates, figs, and even chocolate and almond undertones.

Hint: sign up for their wine club, and you can get inexpensive wines delivered to your door every month!

Other amenities to consider include:

  • Friday-evening food truck nights introduce you to some great food
  • Live entertainment on the weekends, including concerts
  • Rentable venues that make this winery a fantastic place to visit

4. Boordy Vineyards

  • Website: Boordy Vineyards
  • Phone Number: 410-592-5015
  • Address: 12820 Long Green Pike, Hydes, MD 21082

Boordy Vineyards focuses on producing high-quality Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc wines, among many others.

They provide an outdoor entertainment environment that will work beautifully for many situations.

If you love sitting by some vines or relaxing in a bar, you’ll find Boordy Vineyards provides you with the experience you want at a price you can afford.

The uniquely rustic atmosphere of this winery makes it a fun place for just about anybody to visit.

You’ll practically feel like you’re walking the streets of Italy whenever you visit this destination.

Large wine barrels, old metal bicycles, antique storage barns, and more all make this the kind of place that invites you in. In addition, you’ll likely feel right at home whenever you visit: the friendly staff will also help you there.

If you plan on visiting here, you have to try the Albarino, particularly the reserve. The Albarino Reserve is, hands down, their most acclaimed and enjoyed wine, and its won multiple awards over the years.

That said, I also enjoyed the Chardonnay and Musqué, so your mileage may vary based on your preferences.

Other amenities that you may experience at this winery include:

  • The charming wine cellar you can explore with your family
  • The St. Vincent room, which you can rent for parties and events
  • Nearby restaurants you may enjoy (outside food is okay)

5. Orchid Cellar Meadery and Winery

This winery is one of the newer options on our list, having been open since just 2010.

They currently operate on 15 acres of land with two acres of vineyards and some beehives.

The beehives should clue you in to one of their specialties (if their name didn’t already): mead. This honey-infused drink is one of their big sellers and is something that draws many people back for more.

What I found particularly lovely about this winery was its rustic nature.

Their hand-built tasting room is low-key, relaxing, and delightful to visit for hours at a time. You can host parties here, which is always lovely, and enjoy various meads with simple foods and snacks.

These diverse serving options should give you plenty of unique wine or mead choices and satisfy you with each visit.

When trying out their drinks, I found options like the Cobbler, the Castellan, and the Archer to be among the finest offerings available.

Each of these drinks has a unique taste and flavor that I can’t say I’ve gotten from other wineries before. I liked them but know that mead may not be to all tastes.

Thankfully, they also have traditional wine, if you would rather have that instead.

Amenities here include:

  • Nearby restaurants that you can visit before and after your trip
  • A wine club that you can join
  • Shipment to 39 different states if you order online

6. Robin Hill Farm and Vineyards

If you prefer a more family-oriented environment, Robin Hill Farm and Vineyards is probably for you.

This family-owned winery is located on a sprawling and beautiful farm, one that’s been in use for many years.

The tasting room itself is in a bar that’s been standing since 1957, with the natural modern upgrades and renovations that you’d want and expect in such a barn.

Like many wineries on this list, Rose Hill Farm includes beautiful scenery that will capture your attention and bring you back for more.

However, this farm and winery also has food trucks that come and go regularly, changing up your dining options. You’ll never know what you’ll get when you visit here, but reviewers were almost uniformly positive about the food truck options.

Which wines should you try here?

Any of them are pretty good, but options like Chambourcin, Viognier, and Vidal Blanc stood out to me. They have that right taste of American-grown grapes that you get from the best Maryland wineries.

Other amenities that you might experience when you visit this winery include:

  • Plenty of live music options for music lovers
  • Barn weddings that feature catered wine options
  • A fun shop where you can buy many types of winery gear

7. Old Westminster Winery

  • Website: Old Westminster Winery
  • Phone Number: 410-881-4656
  • Address: 1550 Old Westminster Rd, Westminster, MD 21157

Old Westminster Winery has various beautiful views that make it hard to top when you’re in the Westminster area.

The beautiful vineyard includes attractive modern and retro styles that keep it contemporary and old-fashioned at the same time.

The overall feel of this winery is very comfort-driven, as it features beautiful and neutral colors that please the eye and soothe the soul.

I quickly discovered while researching this winery that reviewers prefer outdoor seating.

That’s because there are multiple patios and outdoor seating options that bring you closer to the vines and help produce a quiet and relaxing atmosphere.

Thankfully, the indoor tasting area is cozy and accommodating, with comfortable chairs and light music for those cold winter days.

When sampling their wines, I found that Piquette Blanc, Vidal Blanc, and Grunet Veltliner were particularly strong from this winery.

However, they also offer a unique can wine option that includes some slight carbonation. I never thought I could compare Sprite and a Merlot in any way, but here we go!

Other amenities that make this winery an attractive option include:

  • A surprisingly good Sunday brunch menu for early visitors
  • Tasty pizzas that go well with your wine
  • A large sailcloth tent that makes outdoor sitting easier

8. Blue Mountain Winecrafters

Blue Mountain Winecrafts has an atmosphere of friendliness and welcome that makes it a fun place to visit.

Even kids will enjoy it because the servers are usually friendly and appreciative. That’s one fact that reviews kept highlighting: everybody at Blue Mountain seems happy that you’re there and want you to be comfortable.

One thing that makes this winery stand out compared to others is the chance to make your own wine!

Yes, they hold classes where you can learn winemaking techniques and even make your own wine based on the grapes you pick.

That unique experience is something that makes Blue Mountain Winecrafters an exceptional option for many people. Kids will particularly love this option.

As for their wines, I loved the Petit Verdot, the Maryland Peach fruity wine, the Sweet Vidal Blanc, the Dry White Trio-Blend, and much more.

There were almost no wines from this winemaker that I didn’t love, which makes it a great choice for many.

Other amenities and features you may experience when visiting here include:

  • A very dog-friendly atmosphere (bring your favorite pup!)
  • Curbside pickup for those who want to take wine home
  • Wine club options that help keep this winery inexpensive

9. Mazzaroth Vineyard

  • Website: Mazzaroth Vineyard
  • Phone Number: 301-639-0303
  • Address: 8333 Myersville Road, Middletown, MD 21760

Here’s another family-run business that may appeal to a broad range of people.

While they may be available only to club members during winter seasons, they open for the general public every April.

What I found interested most people about this winery was its local dedication and the way it supported the community.

For example, it typically hosts multiple farmers’ markets every month, highlighting local growers and helping them find potential customers.

They also include regular wine tastings and other unique events that help to draw in customers and keep them busy. These events should keep you entertained every time you visit.

During a visit, you can also take to the field and pick wines, seeing what it’s like to pick grapes right from the vine.

Thankfully, you can also enjoy a broad range of different wine varieties, including a strong Albarino, Vidal Blanc, Cabernet Franc, and Tannat.

Other amenities that you might experience when visiting this destination include:

  • Beautiful farm scenery and potential bird-watching situations
  • Nearby restaurants that serve wine-friendly foods
  • Multiple destinations and out-of-state shipping options

10. Springfield Manor Winery and Distillery

  • Website: Springfield Manor
  • Phone Number: 301-271-0099
  • Address: 11836 Auburn Road, Thurmont, MD 21788

When you come to Springfield Manor, the first thing you’re going to feel is a sense of comfort and relaxation.

That’s because this winery is located on a large farm estate, with a beautiful country home and barn creating a rustic and attractive field.

Exploring the house is a fascinating process, one that takes you into a variety of different areas that will catch your eye and keep you engaged.

Beyond this comforting atmosphere, Springfield hides a surprisingly busy and engaging event calendar. Visitors may enjoy live music, trivia nights, wine tastings, and much more.

I particularly liked the various craft beers and soft drinks on hand.

This diverse array of drinks makes this a place you can take your beer-loving friend or your family when you feel like wine, and they want a brick-oven pizza.

Their wine prices were fair, particularly for the quality, which remains relatively high. The oak-barrel-aged options were remarkably satisfying, including the Ironmaster, Ironmaster Reserve, and Cabernet Franc.

Their food options include some tasty crab dips, spinach dips, and even hummus with pita bread. Nearby food trucks provide a variety of meals, including burgers, pizzas, and fries.

Other amenities include:

  • Local accommodations for weekend visits
  • The Lavender Fields festival that celebrates wine lovers
  • Wedding and event rental options on a beautiful estate

11. Elk Run Winery

Frederick County is one of the most beautiful destinations in Maryland, thanks to its fantastic rolling hills and natural scenery.

This low-key and rural winery is one of the most enjoyable I’ve researched in the area, known for its serene atmosphere, friendly hosts, and inexpensive tasting options.

Without detailing any exact prices, the tasting costs I found here were by far the least expensive.

Even better, you can enjoy your tasting on an outdoor patio and relax with a bottle of wine and the wind in your hair.

Some people may particularly enjoy booking private tastings, which makes this experience even more enjoyable.

You can book over 10 people into one of their tasting and tour groups, meaning you get to check out the winery yourself and see what it has to offer you.

As for the wines, the Pinot Noir and the Merlot were fantastic. They have that subtle undertone of earthy tastes and textures I love in these wines.

That said, I also found that most of their wines were particularly good, especially when combined with the right combination of sharp cheese. Though cliché, extra sharp cheddar is perfect for these wines!

Other amenities here include:

  • Outdoor seating arrangements and a welcome policy on outside food
  • Wedding rental options, including wine selections from their deepest stock
  • Multiple wine clubs, including a cellar club that gives you deep access to many wines

Overall Best Maryland Winery

I went back and forth on this one for a long time before just going with my gut feeling: Big Cork Vineyards. It seems obvious to call them the best winery in Maryland, as they’re one of the most well-known and respected.

However, I can’t go off the beaten path with this one: their wine quality and fair prices combine well with their beautiful décor and surroundings to produce a fantastic winery option.

In Summary

One thing I love about researching and writing these articles is all the fantastic wine I get to drink. I’m not exaggerating when I say that you can’t go wrong with any of the wineries on this list.

While there are other wineries worth your time in Maryland, these options lead the way. Let me know if you have discovered other worthwhile wineries that you think deserve some attention!

Emma Miller