Eight Wines That Don’t Taste Too Alcoholic

There are few things worse than tasting an intense, alcoholic, dry wine when you don’t like the taste of alcohol. It’s strong and dry on your tongue and can even leave you with a bad taste in your mouth if you dislike the taste of alcohol.

Most people enjoy a smooth and fruity wine, often sweet. These wines pair perfectly with foods and aren’t too strong and alcoholic tasting; they are enjoyable and satisfying to taste. 

Eight Wines That Don’t Taste Too Alcoholic

Some dry wines can taste heavily of alcohol, and it may make certain people feel nauseous and have a substantial effect on them when they try it. Certain wines have a higher amount of residual sugar, meaning they do not taste as strong on alcohol.

The riper the grape, the more sugar there is present. In the fermentation process, sugar is turned into alcohol, hence why some wines taste of alcohol more than others. Some wines are fortified and are fruity and smooth, and some don’t taste of alcohol at all!

Here, we will suggest eight perfect wines that do not taste too alcoholic for you to enjoy the taste and experience of drinking wine! Not to worry, there is also a non-alcoholic wine substitute on the list, which is a fantastic replica for non-alcohol drinkers. 

White Zinfandel (Arbor Mist) 

White Zinfandel is a popular and common wine that does not taste like alcohol. It is a mild and fruity wine, with hints of peach and delicate florals.

White Zinfandel is perfectly paired with seafood and light cheeses.

It is soft and fruity and perfect for those who don’t like the taste of alcohol. It is usually made with a lesser quality grape, but if you are looking for a wine that tastes like fruit juice, this may be the wine for you. 

German Riesling

German Riesling is rated as one of the top sweet wines and excellent for people who do not like the taste of alcohol. Riesling is made from white German grapes that are sweet and acidic.

The grapes have a natural aromatic and floral aroma and flavor. The Riesling is a unique wine and has a crisp and refreshing taste. It does not have many tannins, so the sweeter Rieslings do not feel dry in your mouth either.

A sweet Riesling has a similar taste profile to that of a blossom-peachy lemonade. 


Syrah is a dark red, full-bodied wine full of tannins. Syrah is popularly known as shiraz, too. This is because of the difference in location. They both use the same grapes, but Syrah is from France, and Shiraz is from Australia.

It is dry yet very jammy and sweet. The wine does not taste too alcoholic due to its notes of sweet blueberry, which overthrow the tartness of the wine, counteracting the taste of alcohol.

This wine is good for red wine drinkers who like the effect of tannins in red wine, but don’t necessarily like the alcoholic taste. It has notes of tobacco, pepper, and sweet berries.

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Moscato D’asti

Moscato D’asti is a white, sweet sparkling wine made from the Moscato Bianco grape. It is produced in the Asti province of northwest Italy and is a favorite among those who don’t like the taste of alcohol.

Moscato has the flavor profile of light fruits like peach and orange and is not strong tasting. It is made from high-quality Moscato Bianco grapes, so it is not a cheap wine that will make you feel bad.

It has a relatively low alcohol content of 5.5%, meaning it will not taste like alcohol, simply because it does not contain much! 


Lambrusco is a cheap sparkling wine that does not taste like alcohol. It is regarded as an affordable and lesser-quality alternative to wines. There are brands of Lambrusco that are of better quality, and some that taste more of alcohol than others.

It is the bubbly wine that tastes like grape soda. Lambrusco is an Italian red grape and the grape from which the sparkling wine is made. There are sweet and dry styles of Lambrusco, and usually, the sweeter Lambrusco tastes the least of alcohol.

Lambrusco is sweet by fermentation or by the addition of concentrated grape juice. Lambrusco is fizzy, refreshing, and fruity.

These are usually qualities you might look for in a wine (excluding fizzy), and Lambrusco is a brilliant choice if you are looking for these qualities without the strong taste of alcohol. 

Pinot Noir

Pinot noir is one of the lightest-bodied red wines and is one of the least alcohol-tasting wines. It is a deep red but does not taste as strong as it looks. It is a famous red and is known for its spiced flavor and fruity, floral notes.

It has a smooth finish and pairs exceptionally with tomatoes and lighter Mediterranean dishes because of the fruitiness of the wine. It is easy on the palate and stomach as well as not having an overpowering taste.

It is perfect for those who don’t like the taste of alcohol and acidities in wine

Pierre Chavin Zero Wine 

This wine is non-alcoholic and is a brilliant alternative if you do not like the taste of wine. It has been said to taste like a sweet grape juice and not at all like alcohol.

It has no alcohol content, so if you are willing to overlook that it does not have any alcohol in it, it may be a good choice for you. The wine is high quality and is produced by Pierre Chavin winery in France, alongside popular wines such as Chardonnay and Muscat grapes.

It is an alternative to rose, and they make it by harvesting grapes at night in lower temperatures. Then, they ferment them traditionally to alcoholic wine, and put it through a process called dealcoholization.

This dealcoholizes the liquid and creates a sweet fruity rosé. It is a salmon pink color and is floral, with the signature scent of muscat grapes. 

This wine would be perfect for those who dislike the taste of alcohol. It is everything that a muscat rose is, but simply without the alcohol. You still get the quality with this alcohol-free wine as you would with a regular wine. 


Concord red wine is another excellent choice for those who do not want a wine that tastes of alcohol. Concord is an American grape that hails from Concord, Massachusetts. The grape was first sold in 1854, and it took 22,000 seedlings to find the perfect grape within this.

Most concord wines are sweet, even though concord grapes do not have a large sugar content. Concord has been said to taste like grape soda and is a very real grape taste, which positively overpowers the taste of alcohol.

To make these wines sweeter, winemakers add sugar or chaptalize (add calcium carbonate to fight acidity, add sugar to increase alcoholic percentage) to counteract concord grapes’ lower sugar content. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Remove Alcohol From Wine? 

The act of removing alcohol from wine is carried out for non-alcoholic wines. This process is called dealcoholization and removes alcohol from the liquid.

The separative process carries this out to distinguish the alcohol and water from the wine, which preserves the aromatic compounds. A form of dialysis does it, and the alcohol diffuses out of the membrane of the compound. 

What Is Tannin?

Tannins, in their scientific terms, are a type of astringent (harsh), polyphenolic biomolecule that binds to proteins and amino acids. Think of a grape, the skin, stem, and seeds. They cause a drying effect and can be described as a ‘pucker’ sensation when you eat them.

Tannins have this effect. They are more dominant in younger red wines because they have not softened with age and taste bitter. Therefore, red wine is a drier wine, and there are not many types of sweet red wine.

Tannins are natural and just a biomolecule of grapes. 

Why Do Some Wines Taste More Alcoholic Than Others? 

Typically, red wine is made from riper grapes, meaning they have more sugar present. The sugar turns into alcohol during the fermentation process, meaning red wines can taste a lot more alcoholic.

Of course, some wines contain more alcohol than others, with most wines containing anywhere from 5.5% to 16% in unfortified wine and up to 25% in fortified wine. Just because a wine is sweeter, it does not mean it contains less alcohol.

Instead, it is the way it may be flavored after the fermentation process; to hide the taste of alcohol. 

White, Red, Or Rose: Which One Tastes The Least Like Alcohol?

Typically, red wine is the strongest, tart, and tastes the most like alcohol. This is due to the tannins present, creating a harsher flavor and taste, even if they have the same alcohol content.

The strong alcohol taste depends on the wine and how it is made. Red wines typically have more alcohol by volume than white wines, and white wines are smoother and sweeter than red wines.

It is all dependent on the volume of sugar produced by the grapes and how the winemakers choose to flavor the wine. White grapes can produce the same amount of sugar as red/black grapes under the right conditions, but typically red wine tastes the strongest. 

Final Thoughts

Wine is delicious, and most people enjoy it. It can be difficult to find lighter wines that do not have an overbearing taste of alcohol. Hopefully, this article can assist you in finding some of the most delicate and sweet options for wine.

Wine can be dry on the tongue and may not be pleasant to taste. Rest assured, you will find wines on this list that do not have an overbearing taste of alcohol and are fruity and refreshing! 

Emma Miller