How Many Bottles Of Wine Are In A Barrel?

Since you have chosen to read this article, we are going to assume that you are a wine lover yourself, or at least can appreciate a good bottle if it is presented to you.

Whether you prefer the look and taste of white, red or rosé wine, part of you must at least be curious about how much wine is stored in a barrel. We know that we definitely are! 

This guide will help you to understand a bit more about the behind-the-scenes element of what goes in to determining how many bottles of wine can be made from one barrel, but we must warn you – it involves a lot of numbers. If you think you can handle it, then read on!

How Many Bottles of Wine are in a Barrel

How Many Bottles Of Wine Typically Come From A Barrel?

This largely depends on the barrel size itself. If you break it down to its simplest terms, a single bottle of wine equates to around 750ml of liquid, so for each gallon of wine you have in your barrel, you will be producing approximately five bottles.

If you have a large 60-gallon barrel, it holds approximately 300 bottles of wine, whilst a 30-gallon barrel holds 150 bottles worth of wine.

Each individual standard barrel contains approximately 60 liters, 25 boxes or between 295 and 300 bottles of wine. You may also be surprised to discover that one tonne of grapes can make about 60 boxes or 720 individual bottles of wine. How cool is that?

Why Is The Size Of The Barrel Important?

Another thing we want to draw your attention to is the size of a barrel. This is one of the main factors used by a manufacturer to determine how much liquid can be stored, and what type of barrel may be needed.

This is due to the fact that the type of barrel used can largely help to create a stronger, more prominent flavor to tantalize your taste buds.  

Typically, wine barrels are made either with one of two types of French oak. These barrels are particularly known for housing Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Bordeaux and, as a result, can hold up to 59.93 gallons of Bordeaux ready to be decanted into bottles.

Wine barrels can also be made with American oak. These come in different sizes – usually within the same region as the French oak – and can hold many varieties of wine.

We can reveal that the majority of these barrels can hold anywhere between 200 and 650 liters of liquid (approximately 53 or 172 gallons) which is pretty mind-blowing!

Much like snowflakes, no two barrels are exactly the same, so we are unable to give you an exact universal measurement or guide to the ‘perfect barrel size’.

However, we can highlight the measurements of a commonly used, large wooden barrel, also known as a hogshead barrel. Its standardized measurements feature a length of 48 inches and a head diameter of 30 inches.

This means they can comfortably store between 250-300 liters of wine, ensuring a larger quantity of filled bottles for the manufacturer. 

Why Is The Size Of The Bottle So Important?

We also think it’s important to let you know that the size of the bottle has a massive impact on how much wine can fit into a barrel. We need to know how big the average wine bottle is to calculate this. 

Wine comes in five main bottle sizes. The half-sized bottle can hold 375ml, the standard holds 750ml, the magnum holds 1.5 liters, the jeroboam holds 3 liters,  and then the largest bottle size – also known as the imperial – can hold approximately 6 liters of wine.

There are other wine bottle sizes that go up to 30 liter capacity!

The ‘standard’ bottle size tends to be the most commonly consumed volume of liquid by the average wine drinker. 

The other amounts are either too little (the half-sized) or too much for one sitting (any of the larger sizes).

We mainly use these larger sizes if we find a wine that we are really passionate about and want to purchase a large quantity to keep at home, or if you are hosting an event and need to keep yourself stocked.

Side note: It’s worth mentioning that the weight of a wine bottle is important, too. It can affect wine quality, and has marketing and sale consequences as well.


You can figure out how many bottles of wine are in a barrel by dividing the volume of the barrel by the volume of the bottles themselves.

So, if we take the information above and divide the liters of wine stored in a regular sized barrel (250 liters) by the size of a standard wine bottle (750ml), you will get approximately 333.3 bottles of wine from one barrel. 


From our calculations, you can get approximately 333 bottles of wine from one average sized 250 liter wine barrel. It goes to show that the typical wine barrel is much larger and can hold much more liquid than you may have initially believed.

Emma Miller