K&L Wines Wine Club Review

K&L are some of the giants in the world of American wine. They have connections with some of the finest vineyards in the country and around the world. If you are looking for obscure and unique but delicious wines then they are your best hope. 

Because they are such titans of the industry, we had high hopes for K&L’s wine subscription service. Sadly, nearly every part of it disappointed us. Read on to find out why… 

K&L Wines Wine Club Review

Who Are K&L Wines 

K&L wines opened their first stores in 1976 in San Francisco, Redwood City, and Hollywood. At the time they shipped domestic wines around the country. 

Now, they collect and sell some of the most exciting wines that the world has to offer. And they are the place to go if you are looking for good American wines. 

The K&L Wine Club – How Does It Work? 

There is no way to register online for the K&L Wine Club (we were shocked too – it’s not the 90s anymore). So the only way to sign up is to email or call the store. 

The K&L Wine Club – How Much Does It Cost? 

The Wine Club offers 6 different memberships, with varying prices. Each membership gets you two bottles of wine that have been hand-picked based on your personal tastes. 

These prices do not include the cost of shipping. 

All prices are per month: 

  • Best Buy Wine Club: $19.99 
  • Premium Wine Club: $29.95 
  • Club Italiano: $39.95 per shipment
  • Signature Red Collection: $49.95 
  • Le Club Francais: $59.99 
  • Champagne Club: $69.95

K&L – What Do They Stock  

K&L stocks an impressive and diverse array of wines. You will struggle to find a wine that they don’t stock. 

Not all of these wines are available with each subscription. 

Brands They Stock 

As well as stocking their own wines, some of the highlights of the brands they stock are Calera Central Coast (American) and Farnetella (Italian).  

The Benefits Of Being In The K&L Wine Club 

K&L has really missed a trick with this subscription service. There are little to no benefits of joining this club. You have to pay $20 extra a month for shipping, you always get two bottles, and worst of all you get no discount on the wine. 

The only saving grace is your wine is hand-picked by a sommelier. 

Here are some benefits that we expect to see with a wine subscription club: 

  • Early access to sales and new wines 
  • Money-back guarantee 
  • Sommelier chosen wine 
  • Free shipping / Shipping included in the subscription price 
  • Discounts on the wine 
  • Ability to pause membership 
  • Ability to add an extra bottle to each month’s order 
  • Ability to choose less wine than a previous month  

The Programs Offered By K&L Wine Club 

K&L offers 6 different programs with their subscription service. Each month two bottles are hand-picked by a sommelier and sent to your door. 

  • Best Buy Wine Club: any type of wine, 2 bottles a month 
  • Premium Wine Club: any wine, 2 bottles a month
  • Signature Red Collection: red wine, 2 bottles a month 
  • Le Club Francais: french wine, 2 bottles a month 
  • Champagne Club: Champagne, 2 bottles a month 
  • Club Italiano: Italian wine (selected range), 2 bottles a month 

(For prices, see prices section above)

Can You Buy A Membership To The K&L Wine Club As A Gift Or Gift Card? 

No, you can only purchase a 3 month subscription for yourself.  

How Long Is A Membership To The K&L Wine Club? 

There is no maximum membership length, but the minimum length is 3 months. With this 3 month membership, you will receive 6 bottles. 

How Much Does It Cost To Get My Wine Shipped To Me? Is It Extra? 

Shipping is not included with the cost of the subscription. Which makes each month a lot more expensive. 

K&L sends the wine with either FedX or another smaller shipping company. Shipping costs will depend on where you live but it will cost you $19.58 on average in the USA. 

Our Final Thoughts On The K&L Wine Club 

There are two major flaws of the K&L wine Club – its price and its lack of flexibility. 

No matter what you want to order, you will always get two bottles of wine with K&L. Unlike other subscriptions that will let you order one, or add extra bottles. And, their memberships renew three months at a time. Most other services offer a rolling monthly membership. 

Let’s talk about the price now. It is really hard to understand K&L’s business model here.

You do not get any form of discount when using the subscription service and with the amount they charge for shipping, if you want to get 6 bottles of wine you are better off ordering it in one go without the subscription. 

It is hard to understand why anyone would want to sign up for a subscription service that offers no benefits at all. 

K&L does have a great range of wines, but you will be better off if you shop through their website rather than use their subscription.  

Emma Miller