Vinesse Review

Vinesse is one of the more reasonably priced wine clubs that you can sign up to, and it is neither too expensive or a budget option. They offer quality representative of different wine regions and styles, and they have a great range of plans to choose from. 

This is an ideal club for people that are new to wine, and that are looking for great quality options without having to break the bank. If you are thinking about joining a wine club, then you should definitely check out Vinesse and see what they have to offer you.

In this article, we are going to be providing you with an in depth review of Vinesse, so you can find out if this could be the right wine club for you.

We are going to look at their membership plans as well as everything else that you might need to know about them, so you can make a well informed decision.

Vinesse Review

Vinesse General Overview 

Vinesse is a great brand if you are looking for good quality without having to spend too much money, and they find all of the best value red and white wines for their members.

They offer hand selected boutique wines from iconic world regions at wallet-friendly prices, and the wines that they have on offer are excellent value for money. 

You can make use of the introductory discount when you first sign up, and they offer flexible plans with no minimum commitment. As well as this, you will be provided with the opportunity to review each wine and influence the wines that are chosen for your next shipment.

However, the delivery frequency is limited, and there are no gift membership options available on the website.

What Is Vinesse? 

Vinesse acts as your guide to help you find the best and highest-quality wines at great prices. They started out in the 1990s, and they offer their customers an exceptional selection of red, white, rose, and sparkling wines in a choice of 14 different packages.

Their plans cover a variety of different niches, like the Pacific Northwest, California, and more. So, there really is something at Vinesse for everyone.

How Does Vinesse Work? 

Vinesse is a wine club for wine lovers that want to access excellent wines that are representative of their regions and appellations without the restrictive price tags.

Vinesse are big on variety, and they have built a vast catalogue of 14 clubs, which means that members will always be able to find a plan that suits them and what they are looking for. 

This club also likes to showcase smaller wine companies from small wineries that are not as well known. So, not only is their range great quality, but it is also really interesting.

Once you have decided on the right membership for you, signing up is really easy and simple, and it takes hardly any time at all. You will have the option to choose between all red wines, all white wines, or a mixture of both.

You will also be able to select the number of wines that you wish to receive and when you want them to be delivered.

How Much Does Vinesse Cost? 

When you first sign up to Vinesse, you will be able to make use of their introductory welcome offer, which offers you 8 different wines for just $49.99. This gives you the opportunity to get a sample of the quality that the club has to offer.

After your first shipment, you will pay $16 per bottle plus shipping. Your membership will be automatically renewed at the end of each month. As an example, if you want 6 bottles a month, you will pay $96.

What You Need To Know About Vinesse Wine

At Vinesse, you can expect red wine, white wine, bubbly, and rose wines all from some of the world’s main wine regions. They cover a wide range of styles, and they also bring you wine from smaller wineries that aren’t as well known. 


Chalkstone is a winery on the Central Coast of Paso Robles, and they are renowned for their Chardonnay.

They benefit from the food science master’s degree level knowledge of the owner of the company, and they also boast wines that are made from classic aromatic grapes like Viognier and Riesling. They even produce Pinot Noir.


Gracenote has vineyards in areas of Los Carneros in Napa and Russian River Valley in Sonom. They are well known for their range of Pinot Noir wines.

Ashfield Cellars

Ashfield Cellars is also in California, and has vineyards all over the state, allowing them to blend fruit from different spots to create wines that have layers of flavor and ample body.

Lions Peak

Lions Peak is situated in San Luis Obispo County and is well known for its classic reds and roses that are made from Bordeaux varietals like Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot, and Malbec. 

El Tiburon

El Tiburon can be found in California’s Napa Valley, and it is known for its striking red wines, like Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, and Malbec. They also make a fine Chardonnay.

What’s Good About Vinesse?

As we have previously mentioned, one of the main benefits of Vinesse is the fact that it offers excellent value for money.

The company has been in business for more than 3 decades, which is plenty of time for them to have refined the formula for finding excellent and unique wines at great prices.

Another great thing about Vinesse is that they have managed to build up a top section of winners from smaller and lesser known producers from wine regions all over the world. Everything is tried, tested, and hand-picked by experienced tasters.

There are more than 14 different membership plans to choose from, depending on your own personal preferences, and each focuses on a different style of wine, or a particular classic region. You can also make use of great introductory offers when you first sign up to Vinesse.

You will then be able to rate each of the wines that you have received, which means that you can then get shipments that are more personalized to you after this. This allows you to have more influence over the contents of your shipment.

They also have a satisfaction guarantee that ensures that you are never disappointed.

Vinesse Membership Plans

You can sign up for a plan of your choice, and there is a wide range of 14 different membership options for you to choose from. You can then proceed to choose the shipping frequency and the number of bottles that you wish to receive with each order.

You can choose between monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly membership plans, depending on how much wine you like to keep at home.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to give a Vinesse membership as a gift on a birthday or just because. However, the club does sell gift cards that make great gifts for your wine-loving friends or relatives. You can also order one-off gift packages that feature wine, goodies, and accessories.

The cost of shipping will be added on to the price of the products that you are ordering. This works out to be an extra cost of around $25 per shipment. This will be charred accordingly with your plan frequency.

If you are ever planning on going on vacation, or you are stuck for cash one month, then you can even choose to skip a month of your delivery, or delay it. You can activate this through your online account.

Customer Service

If you do ever have any issue or a question, then you can contact Vinesse in various different ways. You can either phone or email them, or you could contact them through social media.

There is also a website chat messaging option. The support team will be available on weekdays from 7am to 4pm. There is also an FAQ page on the website that you can head to, and you might be able to find the information that you need here.

Can I Cancel My Plan With Vinesse?

Yes, you can choose to cancel your membership plan with Vinesse at any time. To do so, you will need to inform customer service by calling them and letting them know that you wish to stop your plan. You will then receive a confirmation of the cancellation via email.

What’s Bad About Vinesse?

One of the main disadvantages of Vinesse is that even though the company sources wines from all over the world, it has a main reliance on California producers.

Of course, this is great if you love wine that comes from this region, but if you want a bit more variety from other areas, then this might not be the perfect club for you.

Another downside to the Vinesse wine club is that you can’t buy any gift memberships for friends or family members. Although you can get a gift card, this often feels a bit more impersonal. Many other wine clubs offer gift memberships, so Vinesse is behind on this aspect. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you know pretty much everything that there is to know about the Vinesse wine club, we are going to take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions about the service.

You can find the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions below.

How Long Do Vinesse Take To Deliver?

You can expect your Vinesse order to take up to 5 days to arrive at your chosen address. Your order will typically be processed either the same or next day when you order it.

However there can sometimes be delays during extreme weather conditions, which is something to be mindful of.

How Do You Sign Up To Vinesse?

Thankfully, setting up an account with Vinesse is really easy. To set up an account, you just have to select the membership that you like, choose all of your preferences, and pay. You will create an account through the checkout process.

How Can I Send My Wine Back?

There is no information on the Vinesse website to suggest that you can send back any wines that you don’t like. However, there is a satisfaction guarantee if you are unhappy with any wines.

This means that you can get a replacement or a refund if you are not satisfied with something that you have received. This is a really great feature for a wine club to have, as it ensures that you will be happy with the wine that you are receiving. 

How Much Does It Cost?

The very first shipment will only cost $49, and the shipment for any orders after this typically work out to be around $16 per bottle. So, a case of 6 bottles is going to work out at $96 plus shipping. 

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