Where To Learn About Wine In NYC

There is so much more to wine than meets the eye. Different wines come from different types of grapes from regions all around the world that offer distinct flavors.

Knowing the difference between Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio could make all the difference at a dinner party or a big occasion. 

Where To Learn About Wine In NYC

Wine is an extensive topic and one many are interested in. Whether you’re a wine enthusiast or simply interested in drinking wine, there are a host of wine courses and classes available.

Some are designed as a social experience making for a fun event with friends or family, others are more educational and tailored to helping people develop their knowledge and even careers. There is something for everyone. 

To help you find the right class for you, this post will go through ten amazing places in New York where you can learn all about wine.

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10 Places To Learn About Wine In NYC

WineO Club 

WineO Club offers events to help you learn about wine in a fun and interactive way. Their events are held all across New York and include wine tasting of 4-5 different wines for you to get familiar with a couple of flavors.

They also include wine and cheese tasting for all cheese lovers. The best part about this event is that they offer a wealth of information on how wine tastes and teachings on how to pair wine with food.

To test your skills at the end of the event, they offer blind tasting, testing your nose and taste buds! 

This is a great event to go to for an occasion as they offer private events, or if you’re a beginner looking to get into wine tasting. 

WineO Club offers:

  • Wine tasting 
  • Wine pairing 
  • Private events for corporate, non-profit, social, fundraising, private, and team building events

NYC Wine Company 

NYC Wine Company offers a range of classes. Their Wine 101 class includes tasting a dozen wines along with samples of delicious cheese.

This class is designed to help you deepen your understanding of what you like and what you don’t like as well as the knowledge of what makes each wine taste different.

There is also a class on regional wine exploration which goes into detail about different wines from different regions as well as lessons on how grapes are grown and how different wines are made.

They also hold food and wine seminars centered around sharing information about the history of wine and how wine can be paired with different types of cuisine. 

These classes are great for anyone looking to become more advanced in their wine tasting and knowledge and understanding of wine. 

NYC Wine Company offers:

  • Wine tasting 
  • Regional wine exploration 
  • Food and wine pairing 
  • Seminars on the history of wine

Le Grand Triage: Wine & Whiskey 

Le Grand Triage offers a range of classes both in-person, in groups, and over zoom. The wine classes at Le Grande Triage include a variety of classes that aim to help you get a better understanding of wine.

Their virtual classes offer a fun space for family and friends to get together and connect with a couple of glasses of wine. This offers a digital space for adventurous and educational tastings. 

They also offer an opportunity to join their wine club. This includes receiving two free bottles of exclusive seasonal wine each month. Being a part of the club is a great option for anyone looking to learn more and expand their palate. 

Le Grande Triage offers:

  • Virtual wine tasting
  • In-person wine tasting
  • An exclusive wine club 

International Wine Centre

The International Wine Centre is a prestigious wine and spirit educational center. They offer a space for students to learn and increase their knowledge and love for wine and spirits. They offer a range of courses from level one to four.

Each course is different and offers valuable knowledge that helps students understand styles and types of wines, the characteristics of different grapes, tasting techniques, and pairing analysis. 

These classes are structured and assessed. These courses vary in the audience they cater to. The beginner courses are suited to anyone looking to gain further understanding of wine as well as for those in the hospitality trade with limited knowledge of wine.

More advanced courses are suitable for wine professionals and consumers with extensive wine knowledge looking for recognized wine credentials. 

The international wine center offers:

  • A variety of knowledge-based courses 
  • Recognized wine credentials 


Corkbuzz offers two wine classes, one includes in-person classes whilst the other offers virtual classes.

The in-person classes include bling tasting for an introductory tasting course, a tour of wines of Austria and the history of the wines, and an introductory refresher course on the basics of wine storage, decanting, and food pairing. 

The virtual classes include more informative content on different wine regions and the history of the wines and grapes. Corkbuzz offers great courses for both beginners and those wanting to learn more about wine. 

Cork buzz offers:

  • A variety of course formats 
  • In-person and virtual classes 

American Sommelier 

The American Sommelier offers a comprehensive curriculum of wine education for people to advance their knowledge of wine.

These classes include hosted seminars, wine tasting, a range of networking opportunities, and support to help people move further in their careers.

Its mission is to cultivate awareness, understanding, and appreciation of wine.

The American Sommelier offers great classes for anyone looking to advance their knowledge of wine from an educational perspective along with anyone looking to develop their career in hospitality. 

The American Sommelier offer:

  • Developmental support
  • Educational curriculum on wine

Italian Wine Merchants 

The Italian Wine Merchants offer exclusive wine club membership which offers an opportunity to be introduced to new wines and producers. This wine club is ideal for any avid wine enthusiasts or collectors as it involves the sharing of information and the love of good wine. 

The Italian Wine Merchants offer:

  • Wine tasting
  • Exclusive wine club with benefits 

Compagnie Des Vins Surnaturels 

Compagnie Des Vins Surnaturels offers a range of events and courses, one of the most popular being the wine boot camp. The wine boot camp includes a group of 14 enduring an hour of wine tasting and food pairing.

This course is an in-person tasting experience. Each boot camp is held on different takes offering a range of different wines to taste. This is great for a beginner looking to get more familiar with wine and how to pair it with specific foods. 

The wine boot camp is also taught by a professional sommelier to ensure accurate educational information is provided. This course will go into depth on topics of wine regions and grape varieties.

It’s also a great place to meet new people if you’re looking for a hobby as it provides a fun and relaxed setting. 

Compagnie Des Vins Surnaturels offer:

  • A wine tasting boot camp packed full of information and tasting experiences.

Wine Stories New York 

Wine Stories New York is a collaboration of wine experts and enthusiasts, they offer fun yet educational events that include wine tasting, wine seminars, and themed events.

The wine classes aim to provide an opportunity for like-minded people to create new experiences, share their knowledge, and stories. Wine Stories New York is a great place for a wine enthusiast or anyone interested in the subject to attend.

They offer virtual wine tasting classes for anyone who can’t attend. These classes stand more as a community with a more casual atmosphere making it a great opportunity to meet new people. 

Wine Stories New York offers:

  • Wine tasting classes
  • Knowledge sharing

Astor Center New York 

Astor Center New York offers an opportunity to learn about wine, spirits, and cocktails. These classes are designed to be both fun and educational.

Astor Center New York provides a range of wine classes, tastings, seminars, and workshops tailored for a range of abilities from beginners to people with a developed understanding of wine. 

They also provide the opportunity of meeting winemakers to get some in-depth knowledge from an experienced winemaker.

These classes are great for anyone looking to dip their toes into the world of wine or just simply looking for an interesting day out. But, if you do take an interest, you can always take these courses more regularly. 

Astor Center New York offers:

  • Wine tasting 
  • Wine seminars and workshops 
  • Classes tailored to everyone


Now you have it, a full guide of 10 great places for you to try out when you’re next in New York.

Whether you’re simply a fan of wine, you have an interest in learning more about wine, or you’re ready to become a full blown sommelier, there really is a class for everyone. Some even offer virtual classes for those who are unable to attend.

These classes are a great way to meet new people whether it’s a one-time thing or you make it into a hobby. Each of these locations aims to show that wine offers so much more than its great taste, it offers history, science, and lots of fun!

Emma Miller