Wine Club Plans For All Budgets

A good bottle of wine does not have to be really expensive, and there are more and more wineries selling budget-friendly options to the public than there ever has been before.

The only difficulty is finding them, and knowing how to choose the best quality wine for your price range.

Wine Club Plans For All Budgets

There are so many different types of wine available on the market that it can be really difficult to know where to start looking for the perfect wine that is within your budget.

Although, with some extra knowledge behind you, it will become much easier to know exactly what you are looking for. 

In this article, we are going to tell you everything that you need to know about choosing both delicious and affordable wines to suit your preferences. We will also leave a list of some of the best affordable wine clubs that ship to the US for you to browse.

How To Find A Delicious And Affordable Wine

The first thing that we are going to do is take a look at some of the things that you should know when you are looking for affordable wine options. This will make it much easier for you to find what you are looking for. 

Consider The Grapes That Are Used

Whether your favorite wine happens to be Cabernet Sauvignon, Chenin Blanc, or Riesling, they are simply characterized by the type of grape that they are made from.

The grapes that are used to make a wine will play a really big part in the distinct flavor, alcohol content, and tannin level of the wine.

This is why sometimes, the best cheap red wine can taste almost the same as an expensive version that has been used making the same grape.

Make Sure That You Read The Label

The label of the wine bottle will contain a huge amount of information, and for good reason. You will be able to find out the type of grapes that have been used to produce the wine, the year that they were harvested, and how long you should wait before drinking it.

You might even be able to find out what foods the wine will pair well with.

Find Your Favorite Wine Location

Now that you know how important the role of the grapes that are used in the making of the wine are, you should consider the fact that the region that they are grown in is really important.

Wines that have been grown in temperate European climates, like France and Germany, are going to have a much more delicate flavor than those that are grown in Spain and the New World countries.

If you were to taste a few wines that come from different regions, you would be able to decide on your preference, which will help to narrow down your choices.

Stay Away From Expensive Wine Regions

There are certain wine regions, like the Loire Valley or Bordeaux that are extremely well known for their wines and their higher price tags.

If you are looking for budget-friendly wine options, then you should skip over the fancier regions and choose wineries from other places. It is typically best to let your grape and location preferences guide your decision making when it comes to this.

Try To Find Affordable Labels From Notable Producers

Something else that you should know about wine regions is that sometimes, a famous wine producer in a prestigious region will have multiple different labels in their wine collection.

Just like with lots of other brands, you will often find that there is a premium label alongside cheaper alternatives.

It might also be worth keeping an eye out for things like sales and promotions on premium wine.

5 Red Wines For Less Than $15

  1. 2015 M. Chapoutier Les Vignes de Bila-Haut Rouge
  2. 2014 Bogle Petite Sirah
  3. 2014 The Pinot Project California Pinot Noir
  4. 2014 Cline Lodi Zinfandel
  5. 2014 Bibi Graetz Casamatta Rosso

2015 M. Chapoutier Les Vignes De Bila-Haut Rouge

This is an elegant French red wine that has been crafted from a blend of Syrah, Grenache, and Carignan. The palate is bursting with berry and black cherry flavors, but the sugar levels are not too high. This is one of the cheapest red wines that is available on the market today.

2014 Bogle Petite Sirah

If you are someone that enjoys red wines from California, then you should definitely check out this wine. Some of the flavors that you can expect are allspice, dark chocolate, and decadent fruit.

You can pair this wine with a robust and meaty meal, and it makes an excellent addition to the dinner table.

2014 The Pinot Project California Pinot Noir

The Pinot Project is more than committed to providing customers with the best cheap Pinot Noir, and their 2014 version definitely does not disappoint. It is really easy to drink, and it has plenty of fruit in its aroma and taste. It also has limited tannis.

2014 Cline Lodi Zinfandel

The next wine that we are going to mention is also from California, and it is a delicious and velvety wine that bursts with fruity flavors and spiced vanilla.

The fruit palate on offer might have you thinking that this is a semi-sweet wine, but the sugar content is actually moderate and refreshing. This wine pairs especially well with spicy foods.

2014 Bibi Graetz Casamatta Rosso

This type of wine is typically thought to be a wine that is lacking in depth, but this version couldn’t be further from this. It has a rich flavor that features hints of mineral and black cherry, and it can be enjoyed to the fullest thanks to its low tannins.

It can also be paired really well with roasted meats, grilled mushrooms, and chicken salad.

5 White Wines For Less Than $15

  1. 2017 Hogue Cellars Columbia Valley Riesling
  2. 2017 Elsa Bianchi Mendoza Torrontés
  3. 2017 Marqués de Cáceres Ruedo Verdejo
  4. 2017 Anselmo Mendes Pássaros Vinho Verde Loureiro
  5. 2017 Condes de Albarei Rias Baixas Albariño

2017 Hogue Cellars Columbia Valley Riesling

This is a bottle of wine that is really easy to drink, and it comes from the Columbia Valley in Washington State. It is light, crisp, and full of peachy aroma, and it can be especially enjoyed with seafood, light pasta dishes, and delicate herby flavors.

2017 Elsa Bianchi Mendoza Torrontés

This is the first Agrentinian wine to be mentioned on our list, but it is definitely a great option for you to consider, as it is easily one of the best affordable white wines.

It features light and citrusy flavors that are excellent on the palate. Some of the best dishes to pair this wine with are those that are South and East Asian in origin, especially the spicier dishes.

2017 Marqués De Cáceres Ruedo Verdejo

This wine is dominated by green flavors and aromas, and it is made in Rueda in the north of Spain. Your palate will be greeted with both grassy and peppery undertones, and a drier finish will make it much easier to enjoy with dishes like salads, even those that have rich dressings.

2017 Anselmo Mendes Pássaros Vinho Verde Loureiro

You can expect a crisp and almost tarty acidity from this Portuguese wine, but only in the best possible way. You can enjoy this affordable dry white wine with fish, garlic dishes, and seafood, making it the perfect partner for Portuguese dining.

2017 Condes De Albarei Rias Baixas Albariño

The last white wine that we are going to mention is this one from Galicia in Spain, which is bursting with tropical flavors, like mango and apricot. This is an ideal wine for things like salad, seafood, summer pasta, and other outdoor dining favorites.

5 Rose Wines For Less Than $15

  1. 2017 Marqués de Cáceres Rioja Rosé
  2. 2017 Goats do Roam Western Cape Rosé
  3. 2017 La Vieille Ferme Rosé
  4. 2017 Villa des Anges Old Vines Rose
  5. 2017 Capçanes Mas Donís Montsant Rosat de Garnacha

2017 Marqués De Cáceres Rioja Rosé

This is a delicate Spanish Rose with a light pink coloring that is echoed by its subtle flavors of strawberries and white peaches. This is an ideal wine for you to enjoy with foods like cream cheese, a light salad, and almost any other dish with delicate flavors.

2017 Goats Do Roam Western Cape Rosé

If you are looking for a more robust rose, you should try out this South African bottle that brings together a variety of berries, and offers a smooth finish to the palette. It is ideal for pairing with a variety of foods, including light seafood dishes, barbecue, or even stew and curry.

2017 La Vieille Ferme Rosé

This is one of the best inexpensive wines in Europe, and it is a mix of Cinsault, Grenache, and Syrah. You will notice a mixture of berry and melon flavors that dominate the palate, making it an excellent pairing wine for things like soft cheeses and fruit preserves.

2017 Villa des Anges Old Vines Rose

If you are a lover of old-world wines, then you might want to check out this delicate French blush, which might be just the thing that you are looking for.

It is one of the best inexpensive wines that comes from France, and it features a stunning palate of strawberry and citrus. This wine is produced by its Cinsault blend, and it goes amazingly with pasta, Mediterranean platters, and white fish.

2017 Capçanes Mas Donís Montsant Rosat De Garnacha

The last wine that we are going to talk about in this Spanish Grenache Rose, which is bursting with rich fruit flavors. It also features a low sugar content, and the high quality of the wine makes it perfect for pairing with meaty dishes.

5 Of The Best Cheap Wine Clubs

The California Wine Club

As you might have noticed from our list of affordable wines, California has some of the best value wines on offer. So, if you are looking to join a wine club, then this is definitely one to consider.

Their plans start at just $39 for 3 bottles, and this wine club is the best way to sample some of the best bottles from California.


Plonk is actually one of the few clubs that places a focus on affordability, and finding a membership plan that isn’t going to cost you your life savings is made really easy with this company.

They offer free delivery, and even $10 off when you sign up to the company newsletter. There are many ways to save money when you choose Plonk as your wine club provider.

You can choose between 4 or 12 bottles per shipment, and both options offer you great savings. There are four different payment schemes to consider, and the longer that you subscribe for, the more money you will save in the long run.

All of your 12 bottle shipments will contain a mixture of red and white wines, or you could choose to only receive a specific type of wine if you prefer. features an excellent range of white, red, and rose wines at affordable prices. You will be able to order various red wines by the bottle, box, or case. 

View our full Winc review here.

Naked Wines

This is a British wine club that offers wholesale prices on delicious wines that come from independent wineries. They offer tonnes of different wines, and this is the perfect club for anyone with an adventurous palate.

Customers that choose to sign up with Naked Wine can enjoy a huge 60% off the typical price that you would pay for these premium wines.

They will also be provided with the opportunity to discover more about the process that goes into creating each of these delicious bottles of wine.

Instead of making individual club purchases, your account deposits will act as investments into independent wineries, which gives them the chance to grow.

With such contributions, you can purchase bottles of wine and even make a profit from your investments. The best thing about this is that you only need to spend $40 a month to make this happen, which is a great price.

WSJ Wine Club

The Wall Street Journal’s wine club brings luxury to all Americans, as they have some of the most affordable tailored wine plans available. This company regularly runs promotions and offers to provide all wine lovers with the flavors that they enjoy for a fraction of the price.

As well as this, if you sign up to the newsletter, you will be among the first to find out about new offers and promotions and any exclusive discounts.

They offer bottles for close to $10 at the least, which is generally lower than lots of other wine clubs would charge.

You can also take advantage of promotions to get free gifts with your membership, free seasonal add-ons, and the chance to choose between free gifts or discounts on your regular plan. 

If you are ever sent a bottle of wine that you do not like, you can fall back on the satisfaction guarantee that this company has to offer, and they will provide you with either a replacement or a refund. Finally, they offer red, white, and mixed options to cater to different palates.

View our full WSJ Wine Club review here.

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