Wine Pairing For Beef Stroganoff

Beef Stroganoff is a Russian dish which dates back to the mid 19th century. The original recipe involved marinating beef cubes in allspice and salt, then sauteing them in butter.

The accompanying sauce is a simple roux, mixed with mustard, broth, and finished with a little bit of sour cream. Over time, the recipe has been altered to include potatoes, onions, mushrooms and even brandy. But which wine should you serve with this traditional dish? 

Wine Pairing For Beef Stroganoff

There are several choices for a perfect wine pairing with beef stroganoff. A full bodied red wine with earthy tones would really compliment the dish. The best option in this category could be a young Barolo.

Barolo has bold notes of blackberries, cherries, chocolate, leather, violets, and tobacco. The acidity will cut through the creaminess of the sauce, and the bitterness of the tannin will compliment the mustard flavors and accentuates the taste of the beef. 

Another heavy red wine that would pair well with beef stroganoff is Bordeaux. This wine is a blend of five different grapes, and is designed to be enjoyed with food.

With notes of dark berries, vanilla, black pepper, and a distinct smoky, earthy aroma, this is a great match for the meaty stroganoff. The tannin will be softened by the creamy sauce. 

A fruity Shiraz would also be a great option. The black fruit would balance the rich flavors of the stroganoff, whilst the pepper notes would compliment the kick of the mustard in the sauce.  

Beef Stroganoff paired with a white wine

If you don’t fancy pairing your beef stroganoff with a red wine, you could try a dry rose. The fruitiness will accentuate the beef, but the acidity will cut nicely though the creaminess of the rich sauce.

If you are looking for a white pairing, you won’t get better than a golden, buttery chardonnay. 

Emma Miller