The 12 Best Wineries to Visit in Paso Robles

Wine and California go together like, well, wine and cheese! This amazing state provides an almost unlimited number of wineries that will work well for your needs. I researched the hundreds of wineries in and around Paso Robles, California, to identify the 12 best options. Here’s what you need to know about these unique options and which might be right for your needs as a buyer.

Niner Wine Estates winery with a heart shaped group of trees in Paso Robles California

Where’s Paso Robles, California?

Paso Robles is located around the center of California’s expansive coastline and has fantastic weather that supports beautiful wine growing.

The region has quickly become a popular destination for wine fans because of its laid-back nature and its unique blends.

The many options available here ensure that you’re likely to find at least one winery that meets your needs.

Before delving into more about these common winery destinations, it’s a good idea to take a look at a few of the most popular wines in the region. California is known for certain types of wines, and each wine option may work well for different people.

Let’s take a deep look at this situation to get a better idea of what to expect and which wine is better for your needs.

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Paso Robles has a fairly interesting microclimate, one that tends to vary rapidly between various types of temperatures and weather patterns.

However, it remains a powerful place to grow many types of wine grapes, particularly those who love California wine types.

The most popular you’re likely to find in Paso Robles, no matter which winery you end up visiting, include:

  • Zinfandel: This popular wine type is very common throughout Paso Robles and is renowned for its light taste and deliciously nutty aroma. I find that a good Zinfandel often goes best with a variety of different cheeses, depending on your preference and your overall diet.
  • Cabernet Sauvignon: California is basically the American home of the Cabernet Sauvignon, so it’s not shocking that this wine is popular in Paso Robles. It often provides the mass-popularity that a winery needs to cross over and to experiment with lesser-known varieties as well.

Each of these unique wines should provide you with something different for your taste.

Some people prefer the many whites created throughout the area, though reds remain more popular in California than whites.

Most of the wineries we discuss below sell varietals of these wines, though it’s also true that some may focus on a smaller variety, depending on their specific growing situation.

12 of the Best Wineries in Paso Robles

The following list contains the very best wineries I could find in the Paso Robles area.

Don’t worry if none of these options appeal to you: there are many, many others.

Thankfully, I feel comfortable with this list and believe that it should work well for most people who want to try wine in this area. Let’s not sit on our hands talking about it anymore: let’s just get right into it!

Map of The Best Wineries in Paso Robles, California

1. Justin Winery

Justin Winery Paso Robles California
Source: @justinwine
  • Website: Justin Winery
  • Address: 11680 Chimney Rock Road, Paso Robles, CA
  • Phone Number: 805-238-6932

When it comes to Paso Robles wineries, this option is pretty hard to top.

It has by far the largest and most extensive range of wines and offers 10 different tasting experiences.

These include pairing your wine with chocolate, cheese, vegetables, and whatever else you may want to try.

Justin Winery Paso Robles California 2
Source: @justinwine

Popular wines here include the always fresh Cabernet Sauvignon, Savant, Merlot, Syrah, Zinfandel, Chardonnay, and Viognier.

They provide great varieties of all of these wines, a comfortable atmosphere, and a very fair price on each bottle.

Other amenities you may experience include:

  • Virtual tastings
  • Top-tier food that goes above and beyond what you’d expect from a typical winery
  • A fantastic and unique library of wines you can try in the basement
  • Cave systems that store several thousand wine barrels at a time

2. J.Lohr Vineyards & Wines

J.Lohr Vineyards & Wines Paso Robles California
Source: @jlohrwines
J.Lohr Vineyards & Wines Paso Robles California 2
Source: @jlohrwines

If Justin Winery is the biggest winery in the area, J. Lohr isn’t far beyond. Like that winery, they are globally recognized for their quality and remain a popular destination in the area.

Visitors can relax in their drinking area and enjoy a variety of flights at reasonable prices.

This winery is particularly known for its Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, Bordeaux, and Chardonnay.

J.Lohr Vineyards & Wines Paso Robles California 3
Source: @jlohrwines

Each of their blends uses high-quality grapes that you can watch getting picked and processed as you sit outside in the outdoor drinking area.

Other amenities that you may experience here include:

  • A sustainable focus that helps to cut back on your green impact
  • Various events that make this winery enjoyable to visit
  • Virtual tours that help to take you in and around the winery with ease
  • Online ordering process for your ease

3. Daou Vineyards

  • Website: Daou Vineyards
  • Address: 2777 Hidden Mountain Rd, Paso Robles
  • Phone Number: 805-226-5460

Daou is a surprisingly popular winter destination, as you can see some amazing sites from its beautiful mountain top. It’s one of those places I strongly suggest getting a reservation at before going.

While here, you can enjoy Petit Verdot, Merlot, Syrah, and even Sauvignon Blanc.

Beyond these wines, you can also buy a surprising number of fun gifts that should blend well with just about any people’s tastes and preferences.

These gifts include a myriad of things, like glasses and much more, that makes wine fun!

Other amenities that you might experience here include:

  • A fun event calendar that keeps visitors busy
  • Dog friendly facility
  • Gala events that bring in a broad array of different people
  • An in-depth winemaking tour that’s truly educational

4. Calcareous Vineyard

  • Website: Calcareous Vineyard
  • Address: 3430 Peachy Canyon Rd, Paso Robles, CA
  • Phone Number: 805-239-0289

Calcareous Vineyard is the kind of place you need to visit during the spring and summer to get the best effects.

It includes amazing 180-degree views, glass walls, beautiful landscaping, outdoor seating, and a broad array of wines that make it well-worth visiting if you’re interested in Paso Robles wine.

The wines here are about mid-range in price but fairly high in quality. That all depends on which types you get, naturally.

The Syrah, Tres Violet, and Lloyd blends were particularly highly praised.

Other amenities that you may experience when you check out this great outdoor destination include:

  • A variety of members-only pricing events that save you money
  • Private parties that don’t cost as much as you’d think
  • Multiple types of merchandise you can use to show off your visit

5. Tablas Creek

Tablas Creek Paso Robles California
Source: @tablascreek
  • Website: Tablas Creek
  • Address: 9339 Adelaida Rd, Paso Robles, CA
  • Phone Number: 805-237-1231

Have you ever enjoyed a Rhone-style wine and wondered where it originated?

Well, you’ve come to the right place! I was happy to learn that Tablas Creek basically invented the Rhone Valley grape craze.

I was also happy to see that they’re a family-owned winery with great wine varieties that you’ll love.

They currently produce cloned grape varietals that include Mourvedre, Picpoul Blanc, Grenache, Tannat, Vermentino, Syrah, and much more.

Tablas Creek Paso Robles California 2
Source: @tablascreek

Their fun atmosphere and open environment make it a great place to shop and visit.

Their other amenities include items like:

  • Spacious outdoor patio where you can take in views of sheep and alpacas grazing
  • A new virtual tasting room that keeps people safe
  • Wine clubs that help bring more wine into your life
  • Multiple events, including dinners, wine tours, and new wine tastings

6. Tooth & Nail Wine Company

Tooth & Nail Wine Company embraced the sometimes challenging nature of Paso and used it to create unique and unforgettable wines.

They create four unique brands that they distribute throughout California and the nation, providing unique tastes and flavors for the wine lover in you.

Their whites seem to be some of the favorites in the area, with their Riesling, Chenin Blanc, and Sauvignon Blanc remaining very popular.

I was happy with the prices of these wines, as well, as they were a good mid-to-high level option.

The scenery is also quite pleasing to the eye. You will enjoy the moat of water surrounding the winery. That’s right, a moat!

Amenities you may receive visiting here include:

  • Wine club options shipped to your door
  • Corporate gift options that may make this a good option for your business gatherings
  • Weddings and other private events that you can celebrate together
  • Multiple distributor opportunities for people interested in this wine

7. Tobin James Cellars

  • Website: Tobin James Cellars
  • Address: 8950 Union Road, Paso Robles, CA
  • Phone Number: 805-239-2204

Located about eight miles east of Paso Robles on Highway 46, this fairly rural area provides a great winery option.

The uniquely rustic architecture just draws the eye, including attractive outdoor seating options, various picnic tables, a stagecoach design, and a general old west salon theme.

During a taste test, you’re likely to mostly notice the Petite Sirah, the Merlot, and other dessert wine options.

The Rhone-style blend is common to California and makes this a fascinating place to visit.

Amenities that you may experience when visiting this great destination include:

  • The James Gang wine club that comes free of charge to anyone who joins
  • A dog-friendly atmosphere, if you keep your pup outside in the picnic area
  • Regular events, including outdoor barbecue events that you’ll remember forever

8. Opolo Vineyard

Opolo Vineyards Paso Robles California
Source: @opolowines
Opolo Vineyards Paso Robles California 2
Source: @opolowines
  • Website: Opolo Vineyard
  • Address: 7110 Vineyard Drive, Paso Robles, CA
  • Phone Number: 805-238-9593

What amazes me about these many vineyards is that, even as we get further down the list, the wine quality does not decrease!

This vineyard has a beautiful outdoor seating environment, tasty food, and a broad array of wine types. These include Cabernet Sauvignon, Sangiovese, and Mountain Zinfandel.

Opolo Vineyards Paso Robles California 3
Source: @opolowines

Unlike other winemakers on this list, Opolo has also expanded into brewing spirits. As a result, it is a great destination if you love whiskey, gin, or other types of high-quality liquors.

Other amenities that you may experience when you visit this fascinating destination include:

  • Wine lovers can tour the Adriatic Coast with Opolo! You will get to visit Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, and Slovenia!
  • Have your wedding here and enjoy the stunning scenic views
  • Virtual tastings
  • A unique inn where you can stay during your visit with them
  • Multiple fun events options, including concerts and more
  • Tasty foods, including flatbread pizzas that the family will love

9. Halter Ranch

Halter Ranch Vineyard Paso Robles California
Source: @halterranch
Halter Ranch Vineyard Paso Robles California 2
Source: @halterranch
  • Website: Halter Ranch
  • Address: 8910 Adelaida Road, Paso Robles, CA 93446
  • Phone Number: 805-226-9455

Halter Ranch is located in the beautiful hills just to the west of Paso Robles.

Like other hill-or mountain-side wineries, it provides a fantastic array of views that lets you see their amazing vineyards in a way you’d never imagine.

No, really. You can take to the sky for a fly-over viewing. That alone makes this a fun place to visit, as does its many adventures.

Halter Ranch Vineyard Paso Robles California 3
Source: @halterranch

Without spoiling all the amenities first, we’ll just say that Halter Ranch offers more than just elegant and refined Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Grenache wines.

They also offer a myriad of exciting amenities and adventures that will bring you back for more.

These include:

  • Enjoy an exciting ranch tour via a 1984 Land Rover
  • Accommodations for your day, letting you experience an amazing visit
  • Cave tours in the surrounding areas that go beyond wine tasting
  • Horseback vineyard tours and stops at a restaurant that you’ll never forget
  • Available to hire for private events, including weddings

10. Broken Earth Winery

  • Website: Broken Earth Winery
  • Address: 1650 Ramada Drive Paso Robles, CA
  • Phone Number: 805-239-2562

One thing that stands out about Broken Earth Winery is its dedication to solar power. Their winery features 100% solar power that helps cut back on their environmental impact.

All grapes are grown on-estate, as well, meaning that they have a consistency of quality and taste that’s hard to beat.

If you like Bordeaux-style wines, you’re in luck because this winery specializes in Grenache, Malbec, Zinfandel, Syrah, Merlot, and Albarino.

Other amenities that you may experience when you visit this popular and still exciting destination include:

  • A delicious restaurant that serves wood-fired and hand-crafted pizzas
  • Multiple concerts and events throughout the season
  • A unique wine club that helps you get your favorite wines

11. Eberle Winery

Eberle Winery Paso Robles California
Source: @eberleboar
Eberle Winery Paso Robles California 2
Source: @eberleboar
  • Website: Eberle Winery
  • Address: 3810 East Highway 46, Paso Robles, CA
  • Phone Number: 805-238-9607

Eberle Winery has a 40-year history in Paso Robles and is consistently ranked in the top 10 among wineries in the country.

They continually win gold medals and include an array of different wine options, including Chardonnay, Muscat, Barbera, and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Beyond these wines, they offer a scenic picnic deck and a VIP room where you can schedule private parties for friends and family.

Eberle Winery Paso Robles California 3
Source: @eberleboar

Make sure to book ahead when trying out this option, as they are often quite busy.

A few amenities that you may get when coming here include:

  • Private events or weddings for your special day
  • Gorgeous Cornhole and Bocce ball courts where you can have some fun
  • A pet-friendly atmosphere that lets you bring your favorite pup
  • Cave tours (offered daily) that you and your whole family will love right away

12. Castoro Cellars

  • Website: Castoro Cellars
  • Address: 1315 North Bethel Road, Paso Robles, CA
  • Phone Number: 805-238-0725

I consider Castoro Cellars to be one of the great secrets of Paso Robles.

While it’s obviously doing fine financially and even thriving, it’s not a place you hear people talk about all the time.

I think its pleasant atmosphere and great wines get it overshadowed by other, bigger name options.

If you’ve already tried the other big-name wineries in the area and want something a little more subtle and relaxed, this option is your best choice.

Try the Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, or Tango for the best results.

You can also experience many other unique amenities here, including:

  • Multiple options for their wine clubs
  • Interested in canned wine? Grab a convenient can from their online store
  • Sustainability centered wine growing that keeps your wine green
  • Multiple fun events, including various wine tasting opportunities
  • Outdoor game experiences, like disc golf, that you can play with your family

Paso Robles Wineries FAQ

In this brief FAQ, I’ll address a few of the most common questions I’ve gotten from readers about the wineries in this area.

What is the Largest Winery in Paso Robles?

If you’re looking for a big winery, then you should look no further than Justin Winery. This old-school winemaker is the largest in the area and creates Bordeaux-style varietals.

Its many acres of old-world vineyards will make you feel like you’re practically in France, walking among the many vines and smelling the grapes fresh on the vine.

This large size helps them produce a broad range of wine options.

What Wineries Should I Visit in Paso Robles?

Any of the wineries on this list will make a great option for you!

I typically suggest that you start by checking out the wine types produced by each of the wineries on this list. Then, I suggest you create a simple visiting path that takes you to as many of these wineries as possible.

For example, you may stay in a central location and travel to each winery or move to different towns and check each out individually.

How Many Wineries Does Paso Robles Have?

A lot more than 12, I can tell you that! In my research, I discovered about 200 different wineries, each with different tasting hours, wine quality, food types, and more.

It was quite a unique headache to research each of these options! Though I got to taste a lot of great wine, which is never a bad thing.

I think that you’ll find the options I chose are the best in the area: though many other great options were left off.

How Many Vineyards Does Paso Robles Have?

This spot is a good point to discuss the confusion between vineyards and wineries.

Many people think that these terms indicate two different things. While it’s true that a vineyard may often be disconnected from a winery, the vineyards in Paso Robles are essentially all wineries.

So, it is fair to say that there are 200 vineyards in the area. Normally, I wouldn’t include a separate section like this, but we get this question a lot.

What Is There to Do In Paso Robles Besides Wine Tasting?

While Paso Robles isn’t exactly a sprawling metropolis, it remains a big enough area that you shouldn’t have a difficult time finding something to do. Many people break up their trip here by alternating wine-visiting days with adventure days.

Just a few things you might enjoy doing include:

  • Visiting various caves throughout the area and experiencing a unique world
  • Riding on horseback, particularly across a beautiful and sandy beach atmosphere
  • Taking a Land Rover out across a beautiful ranch or through a vineyard
  • Spend time camping in many of the fantastic outdoor areas in the region
  • Wake up in the morning and watch the sunrise over the ocean
  • Relax in a fantastic spa or hot tub or even in hot springs nearby
  • Explore historical destinations throughout the area, including many museums
  • Hit up many fantastic restaurants and other dining options

As I mentioned in each individual winery review, many of these destinations have great food options.

I found that Justin Winery probably had the best array of options, as their mac and cheese was fantastic. Any food that adds bacon and jalapeno into mac and cheese is fine by me.

That said, Paso Robles also has some amazing Mexican, fish, and Mediterranean food.

The last option is particularly awesome because you can pair some authentic Italian or Greek food with your new favorite wine and experience a broad range of different tastes and styles.

In Summary

If you trapped me in a room and forced me to pick my favorite Paso Robles winery, you’d be very strange: also, I’d say that Justin Winery is probably the best in the area.

Its big size, fantastic selection, and great food make it hard to top.

That said, any of these wineries may be the choice for you. Just do a little research and find which of the options presented here make the most sense for you.

Emma Miller