What’s The Best Wine Match For Tuna?

When it comes to a versatile summer ingredient, there is no better champion in the arena than a delicious cut of tuna, especially when the fish has been freshly caught and cooked to perfection. 

Not only does this eclectic fish star in a range of different recipes, but it can also be utilized in a variety of creative ways, from being grilled on the barbecue to being used as a refreshing ingredient in salads and sandwiches. 

What’s The Best Wine Match For Tuna

Like salmon, tuna is often known for its distinctive taste and meaty texture, which makes it a hearty choice for any seafood lover.

But what’s even better is that the fish can also be paired with an assortment of different wines, delivering a taste experience unlike anything else you have ever encountered. 

Whether the tuna is served raw with spices or cooked with a side of fries, there are plenty of wines that can transform any mediocre meal into something fabulous.

So if you want to know what wine pairs beautifully with this diverse dish, then you’ve come to the right place. 

In the following article, we have created a detailed guide that covers all the delicious wines that can be paired with any tuna dish. These wines are classic, tasty and aromatic – and can make even the most simple tuna recipes into a gourmet dish. 

So why not check out our list and see which one takes your interest…

How To Pair Wine With Tuna 

If you want to try your hand at wine pairing, then there are a few things you need to consider when pairing wine with tuna. Firstly, you need to think about how the fish has been cooked, as different cooking styles will often yield different flavors and tastes. 

Beyond this, you also need to consider how the tuna was originally prepared. Did you buy it raw and ready to cook? Or was it already cooked and preserved in a can with water and oil?

For this could affect the temperature of the fish and by extension the lightness of the wine that will pair with it. 

And finally, consider the style of the dish you are pairing the wine with. Does it feature intense Asian flavors? Or does it take a more simple approach and infuse the fish with lemon and herbs? 

These are all things you need to think about when it comes to pairing wine with tuna, as even the lightest seasoning could affect the overall palette. 

Wine + Tuna Pairings 

Now that you understand how to pair wine with tuna, let’s take a look at some pairing that we think you’ll enjoy…

Sashimi (Raw Tuna)

Considered a popular dish in its native land of Japan, sashimi serves the classic fish raw and infuses the meat with sweet Asian spices and Japanese rice vinegar.

Although the best wine to pair with this particular dish is probably the traditional Sake, it can also go well with a dry white like Chablis or Muscadet-sur-lie. 

However, if you want to keep this on the classic side, this particular tuna dish has also been known to pair well with a more common Sauvignon Blanc or Pouilly Fume. 

Seared Tuna 

There’s nothing better than a beautifully seared cut of tuna, especially when it is paired with a light red or strong rose. For this particular dish, we would personally recommend washing down the fish with a glass of Chinon or Bourgueil. 

The spicy undercurrent of the fish can also blend perfectly with more fruity wines such as a common Pinot Noir or even a beefier Syrah or Barbera. 

Seared Tuna With Wine
You can even finish your seared tuna with a red wine glaze.

Citrus Glazed Yuzu 

Featuring a distinctive blend of herbs, spices and lime juice, this dish is very similar to sashimi in that it pairs particularly well with fruity whites, which help to heighten the recipe’s natural citrus tang. 

So if you are preparing yuzu and want to pair it with a delicious wine, we recommend either a Sauvignon Blanc or dry and refreshing Riesling. 

Tuna Salads 

Tuna salads are the epitome of healthy lunches and therefore should be enjoyed with a light and quaffable wine on the side. 

In our experience, the best wines for the job include an Italian Verdicchio dei Castelli or maybe even a French Bandol rose for taste. 

Tuna Salad With Wine
Tuna salads go well with light crisp wines.

Tuna Pasta Bake 

Combining succulent chunks of tuna with pasta and creamy cheese – this dish is the definition of comfort food and should be paired with a lightly oaked Chardonnay for the best results. 

And there we have it! We hope you enjoyed these pairings and that you get to sample them very soon in your everyday life. 

Emma Miller