Apothic Red Wine: A Review

Apothic Wine produces surprisingly tasty, low-cost wines that fit the budget market almost perfectly. In addition, they create a broad range of different wine options, each of which is fascinating and filled with many potential options.

I will review the general overall taste, texture, and much more of Apothic Red Winemaker’s Red from California, a blended wine that combines Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, and Zinfandel flavors!

Bottle of Apothic red wine review

Aftertaste: Not Excessive 

When you take a sip of your first class of this Red wine, it is worth knowing what kind of aftertaste you can expect.

After all, many wines have a lingering aftertaste that can affect your enjoyment. However, this wine finishes over a reasonably long time, meaning the flavors and tannins may sit with you for a while. 

Is that a bad thing? That depends on your enjoyment of this wine.

If you find yourself enjoying what it has to offer, you’re likely to enjoy the lingering and fruity aftertastes. In addition, there’s a slight chocolate and caramel aftertaste: slight, but noticeable.

In my opinion, this Red may linger a little too long, though a good cheese or bread may help with that!

I suggest a nice white cheese, such as gouda, and letting the wine soak right into the cheese’s texture. This should help the wine finish better and minimize any lingering aftertastes. 

Appearance: A Dark and Cherry Color

Wine isn’t all about the taste: you also have to appreciate the odor (which we’ll discuss later) and the appearance of wine.

A wine with a great impression typically seems more delicious and is likely to be easier to appreciate. Thankfully, this Red shouldn’t let you down here. 

Most of Apothic wines have an appealing dark and cherry-red color that looks rich and feels right for a red.

You don’t get that transparency you may get with other red wines, even the type blended into this Red. I love this color density and think it’s one of the best things about this wine.

Flavor: Surprising!

You’ll find out pretty quickly from Apothic Wines that they like to surprise you with flavors. They don’t do things traditionally, and you’re likely to be surprised by what you taste with this red wine in particular.

For example, their Red wine blends a surprising mix of tastes like vanilla, butterscotch, black cherry, red berries, and vanilla with this option.

This type of taste blend is not uncommon in many blended wines and is often why people enjoy these options.

All these sweet descriptors shouldn’t fool you into thinking that this wine is sugary, though. Its overall feel is acidic and dry, which is a perfect option for those who like reds.

That said, some drinkers may be confused by these undertones and feel like the wine is sweet, even when it is not!

However, if you’re into surprising tastes that will surprise you and constantly challenge your expectations, you should try this Red wine. It is perfect for those people looking for something different who are tired of the same-old-same-old wine options.

Long-Term Enjoyment: High

Here’s an essential point that I can’t emphasize enough: long-term enjoyment.

In other words, will you get tapped out after one glass of this Red, or will you come back for more? I got through my bottle pretty quickly without getting too burdened by unpleasant aftertastes. 

Your mileage may vary here. I enjoyed this wine variety and found its aftertaste was subtle enough to linger comfortably without overwhelming my taste buds.

Compared to other wines in this label, this Red blend is a bit mild. In other words, it is gentle enough to be enjoyable but unique enough to keep you coming back for more to finish a bottle. 

But will you want to drink multiple bottles after finishing your first? Let me just say: I’m on my third bottle of this Red. I think that you’ll find yourself enjoying this wine nearly as much as me.

Odor: Subtle and Appealing 

While Aphotic Wines does create some surprising and unique wines, one thing that may surprise you is the reasonably low-key aroma.

It’s not that this Red is bland or has no smell. It’s just that it is surprisingly subtle, with a blend of different scents that you may enjoy. 

A quick sniff of this Red is likely to include a bit of black cherry and raspberry, though these scents may be quite low-key when compared to other wine options of this type.

However, you may also notice some maraschino cherry aromas combined with a butterscotch undertone. These smells perfectly compliment the tastes, in my opinion, though I personally would like them to be a bit more pronounced.

Sugar Content: Pretty Low to Non-Existent

If you want a dry wine, then Aphotic Wines has got you covered!

They typically produce relatively dry wines with higher alcohol contents. For example, a typical Aphotic Wine (their Inferno brand) has almost 16% alcohol by volume, which is pretty high for a glass of red wine.

However, it also means that the wine is not particularly sweet, which may be off-putting to those who want a sweeter red wine. 

But if you like dry wine (and I do!), you should like Aphotic Wines. Just don’t expect the kind of dessert wine you may get with many reds.

There’s probably less than one gram of sugar per bottle with this wine, which is pretty intense. However, you can balance this dryness with a bit of cheese and bread. 

Apothic Red Wine FAQ

Is Apothic Red Sweet or Dry?

Apothic Red is very dry, like most Apothic Wines. However, its alcohol content of 13.1% puts it in the extra-dry category, so make sure you consider that before purchasing. 

What Kind of Wine is Apothic Red?

Apothic Red is a unique blend of different grapes and flavors that don’t fall into any category entirely. I’d say it’s probably closest to a good Syrah, though it may also feel a bit like a Malbec to some. 

Is Apothic Red a Good Wine?

I think Apothic Red wine is an excellent option for most people who love reds. While the overall taste may be a bit surprising and the aroma a little too subtle, it still gets the job done.

What Do You Eat With Apothic Red Wine?

I suggest ribs or a similarly delicious meat when serving Apothic Red Wine. Pork or beef works very well for this wine, though an excellent white cheese also pairs perfectly with it. 

Is Apothic Red Wine Good to Cook With?

Apothic Red Wine should blend well with most dishes, particularly as its high alcohol content should cook away as you boil or bake. Choose an excellent pork dish or meat to get the best results here.

Emma Miller